We are a tech company that is commited in providing small to medium businesses and organisations with high definition technologies that are mostly found in big businesses.
We are based in Durban South africa but we don't allow our location to limit us in doing business around the world. Our business is to turn manual operation into digital operations to enable speed, accuracy and precision in organissations and business.
SSS is a company that brings exciting technology products that innovate managing and operating styles. Our goal is to make management and operations exciting and easy. Our Systems are focused on being user friendly and less complicated but very effective. We develop systems that talk to the respective business/organisation to give it maximum results in performance. We take every business serious and do our best to unleash the potential of that particular business. We are in the business of innovating businesses/organisation. We install the system then implement and provide with full technical support.

Take Charge

Store,secure and retrieve your data remotely.
Make Analysis for better decisions.


We provide small meduim enterprises with integrated systems that suit their needs. Our digital systems Will help:

  • Improve Customer Expirience

  • Business responsiveness

  • Save on Human Resources

  • Enhance Employee's potential

  • Quick quotations & Invoices

  • Increase speed of operation

  • Save Money and time for better profits

  • Create a birds view of the business

  • We develop integrated Systems and Mobile Apps that helps the educational space improve the following:

  • Improve Parent School Communication

  • Helps Parents to manage test and exams

  • Helps Parents track school's activities

  • Parents get the latest News

  • Projects and their dates tracking

  • Instant free notifications to parents

  • Easy search library system

  • Fees structure availability

  • Our integrated CMS is designed to talk to the structure of each church repsectively and helps with the following:

  • Tracking Ministry Perfomance

  • Tracking Homecell Perfomance

  • Track Church Attendence rate

  • Tracks Ministry challanges

  • Keeps the Data base

  • Provides birds eye view

  • Acces to church data from any device

  • Filter by Ministries from the database

  • Our Integrated Medical sector system puts everything a doctor needs in one system and helps with the follwing:

  • Real-Time medical billing

  • Makes it easy to find a File

  • Track Stock of medicine

  • Easy Invoice printing for cash patients

  • Makes appointments

  • Keeps clients database

  • Keep the admin in order

  • View the your data from any device

  • Why Choose Us?????

    We sit down with your business and brainstorm your digital needs. We identify
    problems and difficulties that our tech systems can fix.We also provide your business
    with full technical support it needs especially during the early stages after installing our
    systems into your business. We are the most affordable system company and we do not
    compromise in quality and excellence in services we provide

    Partnering With Us?????

    We treat you as our partner. We come into your business/organization as a partner because your success is our success. In all that we do, we think making our systems work to benefit your business/organisation.

    We come into your space to make it easier for you to manage it, We help you measure your space so you can manage it easly and properly.

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    5 Walnut Road, Durban, South Africa

    +27 61 585 6455- SSS Systems


    SSS Systems "Making Management easy"